MOST Bluetooth Music Streaming Adapter for Audi MMI 3G High / Basic / Plus A4 A5 A6 Q5 Q7 A8

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Mr12volt P700 is installed on the OEM radio via Fiber Optical system (MOST) It therefore delivers high quality sound just like your original CD. And with this seamless integration, you can control your songs from your favourite app (such as Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, iTunes, YouTube...) through your radio / MMI buttons and more importantly the steering buttons.

Compatibility: MMI 3G Basic, MMI 3G High, MMI 3G+ (Plus)

  • Audi A4 8K 2009+
  • Audi A5 8T/8F 2009+
  • Audi A6 4F/4G 2010+
  • Audi A8 4E 2009+
  • Audi Q5 8R 2009+
  • Audi Q7 4L 2009+

Compatibility Notes:

  • If there is a 6CD changer, it must be removed and you will lose the function of 6CD changer.
  • To identify you have a MMI 3G, it has dual SD card slot in the front dash or glove box as follows:

General Features:

  • Support steering wheel buttons control
  • A new “BT audio” menu will appear in your MMI display after installing Mr12volt device
  • Bluetooth Audio streaming
  • App audio through car speakers
  • Sound of music, navigation, podcasts , Spotify, etc. through the car speakers
  • Easy to use interface with menu browsing and music information on your car display (on selected radio with text support only)

Package contents:

  • Mr12volt main module
  • Fiber optical harness (Y type cable)
  • Power cable
  • 3.5mm AUX in cable
  • 2 x red Scotch Lock wire connectors

Download Mr12volt P700 User Manual

Installation video example for Audi MMI 3G