P2000 Series firmware updates

Last Updated: 20240530

MCU update pre-requirements

MCU update (requires a MicroSD card, FAT32 formatted, 16GB or less (or erase the SD card and create a 16GB or less active partition)

Before performing any updates, navigate to P2000>Settings>System>, take a photo and save it in your handphone.

After a MCU update, compare the MCU: version date to verify if the update is done successfully.

MCU update procedures

Please use a computer or laptop to download the MCU update file

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  1. Extract the zip file and save the file into the root directory of an emptied SD card, the update file is a .bin filetype. DO NOT alter the file name or extension.
  2. Follow this YouTube video

The MCU update is successful if the MCU file date is changed to a newer one.