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P2000 series MOST CarPlay interface trouble shooting

P600 Series:

P600-LP1605AU BT Adapter for Audi MMI 2G High / Basic

Questions Before Purchasing

Question: Does my car need a 6Cd changer to be compatible with Mr12volt?
Audi: Not necessary
BMW / MINI: Not necessary
Mercedes-Benz: Not necessary, but make sure the fiber optical light is active on the back of the radio
Porsche: Not necessary, but make sure the fiber optical light is active on the back of the radio
Volvo / Land Rover / Range Rover /  Not necessary. See single disc compatibility note

Question: Does Mr12volt interface support steering wheel buttons?
Answer: Yes, it supports

Question: Does Mr12volt support Phone book?
Answer: Yes, it supports with most of the head Units. There are some exceptional radios which might not be supported. See notes on concerning version interface


Questions After purchasing

Question: What to check if Mr12volt does not power up?
Answer: check the Power Source as follows:
A: Make sure the red wire lead is connected to 12+ consistent power, not to ACC (switched power). Connecting it to cigarette lighter will cause malfunction of Mr12volt. Black wire lead is to connect to ground
B: Many of the times, Scotch Lock wire connectors (red clips), that can be used to tap with car wiring have not been applied correctly, make sure the metal piece of the red clips are clamp down tightly. If it is done correctly, the metal piece should stay at the same level with the surface of the red clips


Porsche questions

Question: I cant get it to work, why?

A: If there is a 6Cd changer in the boot, a fiber optic loop is needed to bypass the cd changer. Makes sure this is applied on
 If you have a CDR23 and CDR24 Head unit, remove radio out and make sure there is a red light from the fiber optical output when Head unit is turned on

Question: Phone answer and reject buttons does not work on my PCM 2.x ?
Answer: You might have an original phone module in the MOST system, use another fiber optic loop to bypass it

BMW questions

Question: I can't get it to work, why?
A: For BMW , make sure there is a 6 CD changer fitted in the car
B: If the 6Cd changer is located in the rear trunk lid( usually in E9x and E8x ) , a fiber optic loop is needed to bypass the cd changer

Question: Mr12volt does not read ID3 Tag, why?
Answer: Your Head unit must be MP3 compatible to read ID3

Audi questions

Question: I can't get it to work, why?
Answer: For MMI Basic make sure the 6Cd changer is disconnected and Mr12volt is installed instead

Question: I Cant get my phone book work
Answer: Phone book function works only in MMI High. It does not work on MMI Basic / Low

Volvo/Land Rover questions

Question: I can't get it to work, why?
Answer: 1) Dip switch must be set correctly 2) Check on power connection, it must be tap tightly with 12+ constant feed

Question: I can get connection with no sound, why?
Answer: Disable navigation by using loop connector at the module usually under the passenger seat.

Question: Mr12volt does not show up on a display even it is successfully connected, why?
Answer: Insert any audio source into Mr12volt and it will show up in the display and play music right away

Question: My original Head unit doesn’t play Cd, why?
Answer: When Mr12volt device is connected, it will take over the Cd function of the head unit. Simply disconnect all audio devices and it will resume to the original CDs

Question: What buttons are used to Answer an incoming call?
Answer: Button “Next” is to answer incoming call , “Previous” is to reject it

Mercedes Benz questions

Question: I can't get it to work, why?

A: If a 6Cd changer in located in the glove box, check if Mr12volt is installed whereby original Cd changer connector is removed and connect with Mr12volt instead
B: if there is NO 6 Cd changer, check if installation is done using the 3 way FO cable in the package, which then is installed behind the head unit
C: For Audio 20, remove head unit out and check if there is a Red light from the Fiber Optical output when H.U. is turned on
D: If the 6Cd changer is located at the rear trunk lid (usually in S class or SL class), a optic loop loop is needed to bypass the Cd changer