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The Mr12Volt MOST CarPlay and Android Auto all-in-one interface is the most innovative and advanced car multi-media interface kit by far, it uses MOST (Fiber Optical Connection) technology and incorporate with your OEM radio, retrofits Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features into your original stereo system and is perfect for someone who want to upgrade car stereo system and retain all original looks and parts.

It is the ideal product for BMW CarPlay & Android and Audi CarPlay & Android Auto when sound quality matters.

Advantage of Mr12Volt CarPlay & Android Auto Interface:

Supports your iPhone and Android phones at the same time;

Fiber optical connection that quarantees best sound quality of music play and handsfree phone call;

Retain the original look of your car's dashboard;

Supports Apple Lossless music streaming;

Video and music playback from USB stick that supports a broad range of high quality media type (Details)

Software upgradable for future new features;

SIRI voice control;


What is MOST?



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15 products


15 products